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    Suddenly I felt like a migrant: Identity and mobility threats facing European self-initiated expatriates in the UK under Brexit
    (2022-1-1) ; ;
    Oliver, David
    In recent years, several countries have undertaken political initiatives aimed at reducing immigration. For self-initiated expatriates living in these countries, we lack a clear understanding of how these initiatives are interpreted and responded to. The United Kingdom’s 2016 “Brexit” referendum decision to leave the European Union presents an example of one such initiative potentially impacting the mobility, UK identification, and future aspirations of European SIEs living in the UK. We draw on 41 in-depth interviews with SIEs from 18 European countries who had voluntarily chosen to relocate to the UK to analyze how they interpreted the Brexit vote, as well as to assess its impact on their identities and migration lans. We identify four types of SIEs based on their perceived mobility and identification with the UK at the time of the Brexit referendum, each of which was associated with a distinct reaction pattern related to the outcome of the Brexit referendum. Our findings have implications for the study of SIEs, as well as for talent managers charged with their retention. We suggest directions for future research in SIE management.