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    The Real Estate Markets : Players, Institutions and Territories
    Revealing the parties, the processes and the institutions and, consequently, both the diversity and contingency of the real estate markets, the existing increasing literature emphasises the contemporary numerous links and interdependencies between real estate, land value, planning and town planning policy and even the financial system. However, the vast majority of this research only looks at major cities, neglecting other areas. The aim of this article is to gain a better understanding of the real estate market through a process firstly of deconstruction and then reconstruction. The process of deconstruction involves identifying various market trends according to property type (principally residential buildings), players and institutions, territorial situations and temporalities based on research conducted in Switzerland. We then developed a meta-synthesis inspired by Fernand Braudel whose works put as much emphasis on day-to-day economic activity as on long-term activity, and on local as well as global issues.