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    Die Satzadverbien im Deutschen: eine korpusbasierte Untersuchung
    (2010) ; ; ; ;
    Steyer, Kathrin
    Teubert, Wolfgang
    German linguistic literature shows a great lack of empirical studies of sentence adverbs. In dictionaries, indications about their significance and linguistic application are often inappropriate or even misleading. Apart from that, there is little corpus linguistic research about synsemantica in the German language. The following study will describe sentence adverbs in the Deutsche Referenzkorpus, the methodical approach (incl. Cluster analyses) and the representation of sentence adverbs in German dictionaries. The use of 25 of the most frequent sentence adverbs will be analysed in detail. This will finally lead to a corpus-driven description of typical context, modality, negation and syntax of sentence adverbs in German.
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    Europäisch eingestellt – Valenzforschung mit Parallelkorpora
    The aim of this research is to demonstrate with a case study the significance of corpus linguistics within the field of verb valency and bilingual lexicography. Specifically, we will introduce a corpus-based process that determines context-sensitive translations of polysemous word forms. Three steps are considered here in detail. First, text evidences of the verb einstellen in the monolingual Deutsches Referenzkorpus (DeReKo) will be examined with a collocation analysis. With help of the analytical instrument COSMAS II, the collocation profiles will then be summarized into a typology (senses and subsenses, valency structures and typical collocations). In a further step, the determined senses can be attributed to the corresponding translations of the word form einstellen in other languages (English, French and Italian) by means of the multilingual parallel corpus Europarl (Open Source Parallel Corpus OPUS). Finally, the results will be compared to the codifications of commonly used bilingual dictionaries.