Articles de périodiques
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Actes de congrès
Ginsbourger, D., Baccou, J., Chevalier, C., & Perales, F. (2016, 1 November). Design of computer experiments using competing distances between set-value inputs. Paper presented at mODa 11, Advances in Model-Oriented Design and Analysis, Contributions to Statistics, Hamminkeln, Germany.
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Working papers
Bachoc, F., Durrande, N., Rullière, D., & Chevalier, C. (2019). Properties and comparison of some Kriging sub-model aggregation methods. Unpublished Submitted.
Marmin, S., Chevalier, C., & Ginsbourger, D. (2019). Efficient batch-sequential Bayesian optimization with moments of truncated Gaussian vectors. Unpublished Submitted.
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Chevalier, C., & Qualité, L. (2021). Enquête suisse sur la structure des salaires : révision de la pondération, adaptation du plan et perspectives. Presented at 11e Colloque Francophone sur les Sondages, Bruxelles. - Fulltext https://libra.unine.ch/Publications/46972 (State: 2023-02-09).
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