Data indexing in peer-to-peer DHT networks

Luis Garces-Erice, Pascal Felber, Ernst Biersack, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller & Keith W Ross

Résumé Peer-to-peer distributed hash table (DHT) systems make it simple to discover specific data when their complete identifiers-or keys-are known in advance. In practice, however, users looking up resources stored in peer-to-peer systems often have only partial information for identifying these resources. In this paper, we describe techniques for indexing data stored in peer-to-peer DHT networks, and discovering the resources that match a given user query. Our system creates multiple indexes, organized hierarchically, which permit users to locate data even using scarce information, although at the price of a higher lookup cost. The data itself is stored on only one (or few) of the nodes. Experimental evaluation demonstrates the effectiveness of our indexing techniques on a distributed peer-to-peer bibliographic database with realistic user query workloads.
Citation L. Garces-Erice, et al., "Data indexing in peer-to-peer DHT networks," in 24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Hachioji, JAPAN, 2004, p. 200-208.
Type Actes de congrès (Anglais)
Editeur F M Titsworth
Nom de la conférence 24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (Hachioji, JAPAN)
Date de la conférence 2004
Editeur commercial Ieee Computer Soc
Pages 200-208