A4mesh : Connecting remote sites

A. Jamakovic-Kapic, M. Awander, T. Braun, Peter Kropf, Eryk Schiller, J. Schwanebeck & T. Staub

Résumé Developments in A4-Mesh have turned wireless mesh networks into a valuable technology for Swiss institutions of higher education. Large numbers of research projects in different areas, like climate research and geology, will profit from an easily deployable outdoor wireless network that also supports mechanisms for authentication, authorization, accounting and auditing (A4) functionalities.
Citation A. Jamakovic-Kapic, et al., (2012, March 1) A4mesh : Connecting remote sites. SWITCH Journal. 15-17.
Type Article de magazine (Anglais)
Magazine SWITCH Journal
Date de publication 1-3-2012
Pages 15-17