Quasi systematic sampling
Résumé We present a family of sampling designs depending on a integer parameter r. Then, simple random sampling is a particular case of this sampling design, namely when r = 1 and the systematic sampling design is the limiting case when r tends to the infinity. For every r > 0, this sampling design has the important property to have first and second order densities which are tractable and positive. Thus, the Horvitz-Thompson estimator is unbiased and the estimator of the variance of the Horvitz-Thompson estimator is also unbiased. This family of sampling design can be used in finite population or on any finite interval of R.
Citation Wilhelm, M., & Tillé, Y. (2015). Quasi systematic sampling. Presented at ITACOSM 2015 - ITAlian Conference On Survey Methodology, Roma, Italy.
Type Présentation (Anglais)
Date 25-6-2015
Evénement ITACOSM 2015 - ITAlian Conference On Survey Methodology (Roma, Italy)