Does live mojo coverage reshape journalism?

Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel & Lara Van Dievoet

Abstract For some years, social media have promoted the use of live videos, encouraging a journalism “in the making”, combining proximity and transparency. Local events like the “yellow vests” protests held in France are extensively covered live by mobile journalists who bring their audiences through the crowd using their smartphones as recording devices while interacting with them on social media.

This study focuses on the live coverage of local events by mobile journalists. How does this news format affect the relationship between journalists and their audiences ? What kind of role can a journalist endorse, using a device that promises a direct, straightforward and un-edited coverage while taking into account the questions and remarks of the audience ? Is live broadcasting with mobile devices reshaping the professional identity of journalists ? Are there any similarities with live blogging, a format that has enabled interactions and conversations between journalists and their audiences ?

First, we propose an analysis of semi-directive interviews held with mobile journalists from Belgium, France and Switzerland. These journalists work for 24 hours and/or local news channels and use their smartphones for live broadcasting. Then, we analyze the case of the journalist Rémy Buisine, one of the most famous french-speaking journalists broadcasting live on social media, who covers the “yellow vests” protests in France for the french pureplayer “BRUT”. Buisine is often seen as a counter-model to 24 hour news channels journalism.

The results bring to light that the use of a smartphone as a “live device” tends to redefine the relationship between a journalist, its sources and its audience. Our analysis also suggests it impacts the way journalists are perceived and define themselves.
Keywords mobile journalism, mojo, live
Citation Pignard-Cheynel, N., & Van Dievoet, L. (2020). Does live mojo coverage reshape journalism?. Presented at International Mobile Storytelling Congress (IMSC), University of Nottingham Ningbo China. - Fulltext https://libra.unine.ch/Publications/46855 (State: 2022-10-07).
Type Presentation (English)
Date 18-1-2020
Event International Mobile Storytelling Congress (IMSC) (University of Nottingham Ningbo China)