Faut-il simplifier les règles d'accord du participe passé ?
Résumé It is very difficult spelling correctly the past participle in French, because the agreement is conditioned by complex rules mobilizing the much debated 'direct object' notion. This article aims to present several solutions - presently under discussion - with the idea of simplifying the direct object agreement formulation or rules content. Whatever is the selected option, it is showed that a reappraisal will only cause local effects; it would inevitably affect the grammatical discourse's various fields, especially the complements doctrine. A possible introduction of a simplification should otherwise be based on a better knowledge of the way the speakers spontaneously make their participles agrees in writing or orally. Finally, if we don't want this going unheeded, each spelling simplification plan should require previous suitable measures to prepare social conditions of its establishment.
Mots-clés Histoire de la langue, Objet direct, Français, Planification linguistique, Réglementation linguistique, Participe passé, Accord grammatical, Réforme, Orthographe, Grammaire normative
Citation Béguelin, M. J. (2002). Faut-il simplifier les règles d'accord du participe passé ?. TRANEL, 37, 163-189.
Type Article de périodique (Français)
Date de publication 11-2-2002
Nom du périodique TRANEL
Volume 37
Pages 163-189
URL http://doc.rero.ch/record/12852/files/tranel_n_37_2002.pdf