The reliability of MIPEX indicators as scales
Résumé This paper examines the reliability of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) as a scale. The MIPEX indicators are organized into several dimensions which are combined into six strands. The results of the reliability analysis suggest that overall, MIPEX is a reliable scale. Moreover, the individual strands are also reliable, although in most instances the scales could be improved by removing specific items. In contrast, however, most of the dimensions identified are not reliable. Using principal component analysis, it appears that the different strands and dimensions of MIPEX are not as distinct as presented. It seems that the number of indicators in MIPEX could be reduced, and the data are probably better presented in a different way than the six strands MIPEX uses.
Citation Ruedin, D. (2011). The reliability of MIPEX indicators as scales. SOM Working Papers.
Type Working paper (Anglais)
Année 2011
Institution SOM Working Papers
Nombre de pages 19
URL http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1990223
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