Information Graphics Design Challenges and Workflow Management
Abstract Infographics, though still in its infancy in the digital world, may offer an opportunity for media companies to enhance their business processes and value creation activities. This paper describes research about the influence of infographics production and dissemination on media companiesí workflow management. Drawing on infographics examples from New York Times print and online version, this contribution empirically explores the evolution from static to interactive multimedia infographics, the possibilities and design challenges of this journalistic emerging field and its impact on media companiesí activities in relation to technology changes and media-use patterns. Findings highlight some explorative ideas about the required workflow and journalism activities for a successful inception of infographics into online news dissemination practices of media companies. Conclusions suggest that delivering infographics represents a yet not fully tapped opportunity for media companies, but its successful inception on news production routines requires skilled professionals in audiovisual journalism and revised business models.
Keywords newspapers, visual communication, infographics, digital media technology
Citation Giardina, M., & Medina, P. (2013). Information Graphics Design Challenges and Workflow Management. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, III(Issue I (2013)), 108-124.
Type Journal article (English)
Date of appearance 21-1-2013
Journal Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies
Volume III
Issue Issue I (2013)
Pages 108-124
URL http://www.ojcmt.net/articles/31/316.pdf