COVID: The missing trigger to start a remote FIT Course
Résumé Type 1 diabetes management is a highly demanding task that largely falls on people with diabetes, their family, and their peers. Diabetes self-management education and support aim at increasing knowledge, skills, and confidence to take appropriate diabetes management decisions. The current evidence shows that efficient diabetes self-management relies on person-centered interventions and a team of pluri-disciplinary educators with expertise in diabetes care and education. The irruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased diabetes burden and the need to offer remote diabetes self-management education services. The present article offers a perspective about expectations and quality issues related to the implementation of a remote version of the FIT course, a validated structured diabetes management educational program.
Mots-clés Diabetes; FIT Course; Diabetes self-management
Citation Dos Santos Mamed, M., & Gastaldi, G. (2022). COVID: The missing trigger to start a remote FIT Course. Frontier in Clinical Diabetes and Healthcare, 3, 1-4.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 17-2-2022
Nom du périodique Frontier in Clinical Diabetes and Healthcare
Volume 3
Pages 1-4