Present and Future of social media coverage of international affairs: A Swiss and Australian perspective
Responsable du projet Diana Bossio
Vittoria Sacco
Résumé Conduct interviews with Australian media professionals for completing the results and conclusions of my collection of Ph.D. articles. Help journalists to continue to protect freedom of expression as well as to inform the audience about international affairs, their local and global geo-political, economic and social implications in the best and most in-depth way. Give guidelines on how to preserve balanced coverage, in particular when covering international crises. Explore social media and ‘new’ technologies capabilities and threats to preserve objective coverage. Elucidate business process management challenges of social media and comprehend media management aspects of existing business processes of social media.
Mots-clés agenda-setting; stratégies et gestion des réseaux sociaux; objectivité; reportage de guerre; Liberté d'expression; Médias australiens; Médias suisses; Entretiens
Type de projet Recherche de thèse
Domaine de recherche Journalisme
Source de financement Doc. Mobility
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 1-2-2014
Fin du projet 31-7-2014
Budget alloué 22'250.00
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