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    Catalytic Epoxidation of Alkenes by the Manganese Complex of a Reduced Porphyrinogen Macrocycle
    Bruyneel, Frederic
    Letondor, Christophe
    Bastuerk, Bjorn
    Gualandi, Andrea
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    The present paper details the first application of a fully reduced meso-octamethylporphyrinogen macrocycle as an effective ligand for simple operative manganese-catalyzed alkene epoxidn. The efficiency of the novel catalyst was detd. in the presence of various oxidants, apical ligands and acidic/basic additives. Higher reactivity was found in favor of electron-rich alkenes, whereas an electron-deficient conjugated alkene appeared to be a poor substrate in the screening. Sulfur additives were active as apical ligands, whereas nitrogen-contg. additives influenced the reactivity only moderately. Cis-Stilbene and 3?-acetoxy-5-cholestene were epoxidized in a stereoselective manner. The x-ray structures of the new manganese complexes were detd. and showed a rigid planar coordination geometry of the satd. macrocyclic ligand to the metal center. [on SciFinder(R)]