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    Mental Time Travel and Time Reference Difficulties in Alzheimer's Disease: Are they related? A systematic review
    (2022-5-9) ; ;
    Grisot, Cristina
    Auclair-Ouellet, Noemie
    Mental time travel and language enable us to go back and forth in time and to organizeand express our personal experiences through time reference. People with Alzheimer’sdisease have both mental time travel and time reference impairments, which can greatlyimpact their daily communication. Currently, little is known about the potential relationshipbetween time conceptualization (i.e., mental time travel) and time reference difficulties inthis disease. A systematic review of the literature was performed to determine if this linkhad already been investigated. Only three articles integrated both time conceptualizationand time reference measures. However, the link between the two was not systematicallyanalyzed and interpreted. This review highlights the lack of research addressing thequestion of the influence of time conceptualization impairments in Alzheimer’s disease onother cognitive domains, and especially language