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Emerging Media Channels: Mobile Tablet Powered News Dissemination

2012-6-1, Giardina, Marco

Thanks to mobile platforms like Pulse, Zite, News.me and, the one that started it all Flipboard: the phenomenon of mobile user-generated content is attracting increasing interest in the tablet media ecosystem. However, most of this attention has been media outlet centric, devoted to exploring news organization lack of audience and new revenue processes possibilities. The purpose of this paper is to examine the crowd-sourcing news filter role of users on mobile tablet magazines. In the tablet PC media landscape can social media human”sensors” constitute a valuable crowd-sourced filter against information deluge? What role will news organization have in a future in which audiences will shape news and information? Drawing on globally available mobile tablet-based news apps this essay explores emerging news dissemination channels. Conclusions suggest that, as many readers are going to make the print-to-tablet transition, news organization should be prepared with adequate technological and user centric business processes.