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Szenteczki, M., Godschalx, A., Gauthier, J., Gibernau, M., Rasmann, S., & Alvarez, N. (2022). Transcriptomic analysis of deceptively pollinated Arum maculatum (Araceae) reveals association between terpene synthase expression in floral trap chamber and species-specific pollinator attraction. G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics, 12(9), 1-14.
Szenteczki, M., Godschalx, A., Galmán, A., Espíndola, A., Gibernau, M., Alvarez, N., & Rasmann, S. (2021). Spatial and temporal heterogeneity in pollinator communities maintains within-species floral odour variation. Oikos, 130(9), 1487-1499.
Galmán, A., Abdala-Roberts, L., Wartalska, P., Covelo, F., Röder, G., Szenteczki, M., Moreira, X., & Rasmann, S. (2020). Elevational gradients in constitutive and induced oak defences based on individual traits and their correlated expression patterns. Oikos, 130(3), 396-407.
Hinojosa, J. C., Koubínová, D. ., Szenteczki, M., Pitteloud, C., Dincă, V., Alvarez, N., & Vila, R. (2019). A mirage of cryptic species: Genomics uncover striking mitonuclear discordance in the butterfly Thymelicus sylvestris. Molecular Ecology, 28(17), 3857-3868.
Szenteczki, M., Pitteloud, C., Casacci, L. P. ., Kešnerová, L., Whitaker, M. R., Engel, P., Vila, R., & Alvarez, N. (2019). Bacterial communities within Phengaris (Maculinea) alcon caterpillars are shifted following transition from solitary living to social parasitism of Myrmica ant colonies. Ecology and Evolution, 9, 4452-4464.
Szenteczki, M. (2022). On the chemical and molecular ecology of deceptively pollinated "Arum maculatum" (Araceae), Doctorat, Université de Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel.
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