Government restrictions on relief supply chains
Abstract Response to catastrophic disasters often requires external assistance from international relief organizations. Literature and empirical evidence show that governments do not always welcome this assistance. Based on a multiple case study conducted among four relief organizations, we identify governmental restrictions imposed on humanitarian relief supply chains in different countries. We analyze the dependency between government characteristic and the level of restrictions. We find that the more fragile a government is, the more restrictions it imposes on relief organizations. This knowledge helps relief organizations to prepare adequately before entering a new country, by anticipating concerns and establishing trust with the government.
Keywords Humanitarian operations, Government restrictions, Case study
Citation Kunz, N., & Reiner, G. (2013, 11 June). Government restrictions on relief supply chains. Paper presented at 20th EurOMA Conference, Dublin, Ireland.
Type Conference paper (English)
Name of conference 20th EurOMA Conference (Dublin, Ireland)
Date of conference 11-6-2013
URL http://www.euroma2013.org
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