Sustainable humanitarian supply chain management Exploring new theory
Abstract We propose a framework of sustainable humanitarian supply chain management (SCM) for the rehabilitation phase of disasters. Our framework connects enablers, features and triple bottom line performance of SCM with specific socio-economic/governmental contingency factors. Findings from multiple case studies in Chad provide initial evidence for illustrating and underpinning the framework.
Keywords Supply chain management, humanitarian logistics, sustainability, disaster rehabilitation, relief organizations, government, socio-economic factors
Citation Kunz, N., Gold, S., & Reiner, G. (2013). Sustainable humanitarian supply chain management Exploring new theory. Presented at POMS 24th Annual Conference, Denver, CO, USA.
Type Presentation (English)
Date 4-5-2013
Event POMS 24th Annual Conference (Denver, CO, USA)
URL http://www.pomsmeetings.org/EventsNet/?pr=1&ev=43
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