Sustainable humanitarian supply chain management – Exploring new theory
Résumé We propose a framework of sustainable humanitarian supply chain management (SCM) for the rehabilitation phase of disasters. Our framework connects enablers, features and triple bottom line performance of SCM with specific socio-economic/governmental contingency factors. Findings from multiple case studies in Chad provide initial evidence for illustrating and underpinning the framework.
Mots-clés Supply chain management, humanitarian logistics, sustainability, disaster rehabilitation, relief organizations, government, socio-economic factors
Citation Kunz, N., Gold, S., & Reiner, G. (2013). Sustainable humanitarian supply chain management – Exploring new theory. Presented at POMS 24th Annual Conference, Denver, CO, USA.
Type Présentation (Anglais)
Date 4-5-2013
Evénement POMS 24th Annual Conference (Denver, CO, USA)
URL http://www.pomsmeetings.org/EventsNet/?pr=1&ev=43
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