Edgar Wind und das Problem der Schule von Athen
Résumé Examines the evolution of Wind's methodological approach, studying the influence of Wolfflin and especially Aby Warburg. Focuses on Wind's lasting preoccupation - from 1937 until his death - with the interpretation of Raphael's fresco School of Athens (Rome, Vatican, Stanza della Segnatura), noting that for Wind this work came to represent the perfect model for the object of Kulturwissenschaft. Includes an initial survey of historiography, 16th-19th cs., on Raphael's fresco.
Mots-clés Allemagne-, Ecole-d'-Athenes, Histoire-de-l'-art, Historiens-de-l'-art, Influence-, Italie-, Methodologie-, Peinture-murale, Raffaello-Sanzio, -1483-1520, Roma, -ITA, -Vaticano, -Stanza-della-Segnatura, Warburg, -Aby, -1866-1929, Wind, -Edgar, -1900-1971, Wolff
Citation Griener, P. (1998). Edgar Wind und das Problem der Schule von Athen. In H. Bredekamp, F. Hartung, B. Buschendorf, & J. M. Krois (Eds.) Edgar Wind, Kunsthistoriker und Philosoph. (pp. 77-103). Berlin: Akademie Verlag.
Type Chapitre de livre (Français)
Année 1998
Editeur Horst Bredekamp, Freia Hartung, Bernard Buschendorf, John Michel Krois
Titre du livre Edgar Wind, Kunsthistoriker und Philosoph
Editeur commercial Akademie Verlag (Berlin)
Pages 77-103
Titre de la collection Edgar Wind, Kunsthistoriker und Philosoph