MULTI+: Building topology-aware overlay multicast trees

Luis Garces-Erice, Ernst Biersack & Pascal Felber

Résumé TOPLUS is a lookup service for structured peer-to-peer networks that is based on the hierarchical grouping of peers according to network IP prefixes. In this paper we present MLTLTI+, an application-level multicast protocol for content distribution over a peer-to-peer (P2P) TOPLUS-based network. We use the characteristics of TOPLUS to design a protocol that allows for every peer to connect to an available peer that is close. MLILTI+ trees also reduce the amount of redundant flows leaving and entering each network, making more efficient bandwidth usage.
Citation L. Garces-Erice, et al., "MULTI+: Building topology-aware overlay multicast trees," in 5th International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services, Barcelona, SPAIN, 2004, p. 11-20.
Type Actes de congrès (Anglais)
Editeur Josep Sole-Pareta, Michael Smirnov, Piet VanMieghem, Jordi Domingo-Pascual, Edmundo Monteiro, Peter Reichl, Burkhard Stiller, Richard J Gibbens
Nom de la conférence 5th International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services (Barcelona, SPAIN)
Date de la conférence 2004
Editeur commercial Springer-Verlag Berlin
Pages 11-20