Semantic peer-to-peer overlays for publish/subscribe networks

Raphael Chand & Pascal Felber

Résumé Existing publish/subscribe systems suffer from several drawbacks, such as the reliance on a fixed infrastructure of reliable brokers, or the lack of expressiveness of their subscription language. Most importantly, the challenging task of routing messages based on their content remains a complex and time-consuming operation, and often provides results that are just barely better than a simple broadcast. In this paper, we present a novel approach to publish/subscribe that was designed to specifically address these issues. The producers and consumers are organized in a peer-to-peer network that self-adapts upon peer arrival, departure, or failure. Our publish/subscribe system features an extremely simple and efficient routing process and excellent scalability to large consumer populations, both in terms of routing and peer management overhead.
Citation R. Chand and P. Felber, "Semantic peer-to-peer overlays for publish/subscribe networks," in 11th International Euro-Par Conference, Lisbon, PORTUGAL, 2005, p. 1194-1204.
Type Actes de congrès (Anglais)
Editeur José C Cunha, Pedro D Medeiros
Nom de la conférence 11th International Euro-Par Conference (Lisbon, PORTUGAL)
Date de la conférence 2005
Editeur commercial Springer-Verlag Berlin
Pages 1194-1204