From Vico to the sociocultural imagination
Abstract The papers by Mariagrazia Granatella (2015), Tuuli Pern (2015) and Pablo Rojas (2015), invited by Tateo (2015) engage in a dialogue with the texts of Giambattisto Vico, a philosopher from the 18th century. In this commentary, focusing on imagination, I first follow the authors’ effort to show the compatibility between Vico’s ideas and current cultural psychology; I then highlight two issues of particular interest emerging from this dialogue.
Keywords Vico, imagination, music, body, semiotic mediation
Citation Zittoun, T. (2015). From Vico to the sociocultural imagination. Culture & Psychology, 21(2), 251-258.
Type Journal article (English)
Date of appearance 10-6-2015
Journal Culture & Psychology
Volume 21
Issue 2
Pages 251-258
URL http://doc.rero.ch/record/257857?ln=fr
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