Simple Data Entanglement Layouts with High Reliability
Résumé We study the reliability of open and close entan- glements, two simple data distribution layouts for log-structured append-only storage systems. Both techniques use equal numbers of data and parity drives and generate their parity data by computing the exclusive or (XOR) of the most recently appended data with the contents of their last parity drive. While open entanglements maintain an open chain of data and parity drives, closed entanglements include the exclusive or of the contents of their first and last data drives. We evaluate five-year reliabilities of open and closed entanglements, for two different array sizes and drive failure rates. Our results show that open entanglements provide much better five-year reliabilities than mirroring and reduce the probability of a data loss by at least 90 percent over a period of five years. Closed entanglements perform even better and reduce the same probability by at least 98 percent.
Mots-clés storage systems; magnetic disks; system reliability; fault-tolerance
Citation V. Estrada Galinanes , "Simple Data Entanglement Layouts with High Reliability," in International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., 2016.
Type Actes de congrès (Anglais)
Nom de la conférence International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.)
Date de la conférence 9-12-2016
Editeur commercial IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing
URL http://ipccc.org
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