Bolivian Andes : from climate change to human displacements ?
Résumé This research explores the impact of climate change on population migration in the mountainous regions of Bolivia. Migration, considered here as an “ex-situ” adaptation strategy, can be chosen to cope with the worsening environmental conditions. In this case-study based research, some preliminary results are presented in order to better understand the weight of perceived climate change impacts on migration decisions. Additionally, some issues related to glacial retreat, especially the visual dimension, are stressed.
Mots-clés Bolivia, Andes, Migration, Climate Change, Glaciers, Perception
Citation Kaenzig, R. (2011, 22 November). Bolivian Andes : from climate change to human displacements ?. Paper presented at Managing Alpine Future II, Innsbruck, Austria.
Type Actes de congrès (Anglais)
Nom de la conférence Managing Alpine Future II (Innsbruck, Austria)
Date de la conférence 22-11-2011
Editeur commercial Eds. Borsdorf, A., Stötter J. and Veuillet, E. Austrian Academy of Science.
Pages 47-57
URL http://hw.oeaw.ac.at/7153-9
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