Administrative Detention of Foreign Nationals in Figures

Christin Achermann, Anne-Laure Bertrand, Jonathan Miaz & Laura Rezzonico (Eds.)

Abstract For carrying out the removal of a foreign national, cantons may enforce administrative detention where this respects the principle of proportionality, and no other less coercive measure is available. The detention of asylum seekers whose application has been denied or under the Dublin procedure, and of persons residing irregularly in Switzerland, should therefore be applied as a last resort, and for the
shortest possible time. But what is the situation in practice?
Citation Achermann, C., Bertrand, A. L., Miaz, J., & Rezzonico, L. (Eds.). (2019). Administrative Detention of Foreign Nationals in Figures (Vol. 12). Neuchâtel: NCCR On the move.
Type Journal volume (English)
Year 2019
Series title In a nutshell
Publisher NCCR On the move (Neuchâtel)
Volume 12
Number of pages 4
URL https://nccr-onthemove.ch/knowledge-transfer/policy-brief...