Intensional communities

John Plaice & Peter Kropf

Résumé We describe the interaction and relation between entities in distributed systems, as proposed in the Web Operating System (WOS). Every entity in the system is a versioned object which depends on its current context, which itself is programmable and can be effected by the objects circulating within it. These entities interact through mechanisms of requests/answers and negotiations. Those who exhibit functional and behavioral affinities may dynamically associate themselves to form communities. This positional paper states the basic ideas of the notion of communities in distributed systems.
Citation J. Plaice and P. Kropf, "Intensional communities," in Intensional Programming II. M. Gergatsoulis and P. Rondogiannis, Eds., Singapore: World Scientific Publ Co Pte Ltd, 1999, p. 292-295.
Type Chapitre de livre (Anglais)
Année 1999
Editeur Manolis Gergatsoulis, Panagiotis Rondogiannis
Titre du livre Intensional Programming II
Editeur commercial World Scientific Publ Co Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Pages 292-295