Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS): Objectives, design, and implementation

Sylvain Weber, Paul Burger, Mehdi Farsi, Adan L. Martinez-Cruz, Michael Puntiroli, Iljana Schubert & Benjamin Volland

Résumé The Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS) has been developed as part of the research agenda of the Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society, and Transition (SCCER CREST). It is designed to collect a comprehensive description of the Swiss households’ energy-related behaviors, their longitudinal changes and the existing potentials for future energy demand reduction. The survey has been planned in five annual waves thus generating a rolling panel dataset of 5,000 respondents per wave. The first two waves of SHEDS were fielded in April 2016 and April-May 2017. This paper elaborates on SHEDS's general objectives, design, and implementation. It also reports a series of practical examples of how the datasets are being used in empirical analyses.
Citation Weber, S., Burger, P., Farsi, M., Martinez-Cruz, A. L., Puntiroli, M., Schubert, I., & Volland, B. (2017). Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS): Objectives, design, and implementation. Unpublished WP2 - 2017/04. SCCER CREST.
Type Working paper (Anglais)
Année 2017
Type de travail WP2 - 2017/04
Département Work Package 2: Change of Behavior
Institution SCCER CREST
Nombre de pages 26
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