Regulatory focus, time perspective, locus of control and sensation seeking as predictors of risky driving behaviors

Linda Lemarie, François Bellavance & Jean-Charles Chebat

Résumé Empirical evidence shows that most of the road safety efforts fail to reach the most risk-prone drivers. In light of this issue, we have developed this study in order to distinguish between high-risk drivers and low-risk drivers based on variables that have already been shown to affect the effectiveness of preventive messages: regulatory focus orientation, time perspective, locus of control and sensation seeking. We sent paper and pencil questionnaires to five thousand low-risk drivers and five thousand high-risk drivers randomly selected based on their driving records. A driver who has been convicted of two or more traffic infractions with demerit points (e.g., exceeding speed limits, red light violation, no seatbelt, etc.) in the last two years was considered a high-risk driver whereas a low-risk driver had no traffic offense registered in his driving record in the last four years. We received two thousand and sixty-four completed questionnaires for a response rate of 20.6%. Seven hundred and ninety-eight belonged to the group of high-risk drivers and one thousand two hundred and sixty-six to the group of low-risk drivers. The results show that a promotion focused orientation, a present hedonistic perspective, an internal locus of control, and sensation seeking are associated with more risky driving behaviors and could therefore distinguish between high-risk and low-risk drivers. These results increase the understanding of risky drivers’ personalities and motivations. The literature review provides insight into how these findings might be considered in developing more effective road safety programs and campaigns, and the conclusion encourages researchers to explore these new avenues in future research.
Mots-clés Regulatory focusTime perspectiveLocus of controlSensation seekingRisky driving behaviors
Citation Lemarie, L., Bellavance, F., & Chebat, J. C. (2019). Regulatory focus, time perspective, locus of control and sensation seeking as predictors of risky driving behaviors. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 127, 19-27.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 6-2019
Nom du périodique Accident Analysis and Prevention
Volume 127
Pages 19-27
URL https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aap.2019.02.025