DFB-ridge laser diodes at 894 nm for Cesium atomic clocks

N. Von Bandel, M. Garcia, M. Lecomte, A. Larrue, Y. Robert, E. Vinet, O. Driss, O. Parilaud, M. Krakowski, Florian Gruet, Renaud Matthey-De-L'Endroit & Gaetano Mileti

Résumé Time and frequency applications are in need of high accuracy and high stability clocks. Optically pumped compact industrial Cesium atomic clocks are a promising approach that could satisfy these demands. However, the stability of these clocks relies, among others, on the performances of the laser diodes that are used. This issue has led the III-V Lab to commit to the European Euripides-LAMA project that aims to provide competitive compact optical Cesium clocks for ground applications. This work will provide key experience for further space technology qualification. III-V Lab is in charge of the design, fabrication and reliability of Distributed-Feedback diodes (DFB) at 894 nm (D1 line of Cesium) and 852 nm (D2 line). LTF-Unine is in charge of their spectral characterisation. The use of D1 line for pumping will provide simplified clock architecture compared to the D2 line pumping thanks to simpler atomic transitions and a larger spectral separation between lines in the 894 nm case. Also, D1 line pumping overcomes the issue of unpumped “idle states” that occur with D2 line. The modules should provide narrow linewidth (<1 MHz), very good reliability in time and, crucially, be less sensitive to optical feedback. The development of the 894 nm wavelength is grounded on III-V Lab results for 852 nm DFB. We show here results from Al-free active region with InGaAsP quantum well Ridge DFB lasers. We obtain the D1 Cs line (894.4 nm) at 67°C and 165 mA (optical power of 40 mW) with a high side mode suppression ratio. The wavelength evolution with temperature and current are respectively 0.06 nm/K and 0.003 nm/mA. The laser linewidth is less than 1 MHz. The Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) and the frequency noise are respectively less than 10-12 Hz-1 @ f ≥ 10 Hz and 109 Hz2/Hz @ f ≥ 10 Hz.
Citation Von Bandel, N., Garcia, M., Lecomte, M., Larrue, A., Robert, Y., Vinet, E., Driss, O., Parilaud, O., Krakowski, M., Gruet, F., Matthey-De-L'Endroit, R., & Mileti, G. (2016, 13 February). DFB-ridge laser diodes at 894 nm for Cesium atomic clocks. Paper presented at SPIE OPTO, San Francisco.
Type Actes de congrès (Anglais)
Nom de la conférence SPIE OPTO (San Francisco)
Date de la conférence 13-2-2016
URL https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2209502