High performance vapour-cell frequency standards
Résumé We report our investigations on a compact high-performance rubidium (Rb) vapour-cell clock based on microwave-optical double-resonance (DR). These studies are done in both DR continuous-wave (CW) and Ramsey schemes using the same Physics Package (PP), with the same Rb vapour cell and a magnetron-type cavity with only 45 cm3 external volume. In the CW-DR scheme, we demonstrate a DR signal with a contrast of 26% and a linewidth of 334 Hz; in Ramsey-DR mode Ramsey signals with higher contrast up to 35% and a linewidth of 160 Hz have been demonstrated. Short-term stabilities of 1.4×10-13 τ-1/2 and 2.4×10-13 τ-1/2 are measured for CW-DR and Ramsey-DR schemes, respectively. In the Ramsey-DR operation, thanks to the separation of light and microwave interactions in time, the light-shift effect has been suppressed which allows improving the long-term clock stability as compared to CW-DR operation. Implementations in miniature atomic clocks are considered.
Citation Gharavipour, M., Affolderbach, C., Kang, S., Bandi Nagabhushan, T., Gruet, F., Pellaton, M., & Mileti, G. (2016). High performance vapour-cell frequency standards. Journal of Physics : Conference Series, 723, 1-2.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 1-6-2016
Nom du périodique Journal of Physics : Conference Series
Volume 723
Pages 1-2
URL https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1742-6596/723/...