A Review of Transnational Migrant Entrepreneurship: Perspectives on Unequal Spatialities

Laure Sandoz, Christina Mittmasser, Yvonne Riaño & Etienne Piguet

Résumé The spatialities of migrant entrepreneurship have changed dynamically in recent decades. Movements and exchanges transcend national borders more than ever, and transnational migrant entrepreneurship has become a burgeoning field of research. Yet, knowledge is dispersed across disciplines, and an understanding of contemporary spatialities is limited. We review 155 articles published in English, French, German, and Spanish since 2009, thereby providing an overview of existing knowledge on transnational migrant entrepreneurship and suggesting avenues for future research. We identify five current topical areas of research: (1) the business advantages of transnational migrant entrepreneurship, (2) the determinants of becoming a transnational migrant entrepreneur, (3) the transnational networks of migrants, (4) the economic impacts of transnational migrant entrepreneurship on home and host countries, and (5) whether local environments enable or deter entrepreneurial success. Building on our synthesis of the most recent literature, we propose three crucial dimensions which have been under-researched in past and current work, and which address the diversity of geographical locations, spatial connections, and spatial mobilities involved in transnational migrant entrepreneurship. Moreover, we put forward a set of questions for future research which will advance a comprehension of unequal opportunities among transnational migrant entrepreneurs.
Mots-clés Transnationalism; Entrepreneurship; Migration; Mobility; Spatiality; Inequality
Citation Sandoz, L., Mittmasser, C., Riaño, Y., & Piguet, E. (2022). A Review of Transnational Migrant Entrepreneurship: Perspectives on Unequal Spatialities. ZFW – Advances in Economic Geography, 66(3), 137-150.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 2022
Nom du périodique ZFW – Advances in Economic Geography
Volume 66
Numéro 3
Pages 137-150
URL https://doi.org/10.1515/zfw-2021-0004