Frequency Dictionary French / Dictionnaire de fréquence du français

Thomas Eckart, Daniel Elmiger, Alain Kamber & Uwe Quasthoff

The Frequency Dictionaries series aims at producing dictionaries with comparable frequency data for a large number of different languages. For many of the languages featured in this collection, this series is the first comprehensive compilation to use a large-scale empirical base. The dictionaries are available in both print and electronic versions. Each dictionary provides the 1,000 most frequent word forms in order of frequency and the 10,000 most frequent word forms in alphabetical order. They provide an introductory description of the data and the methodological approach used. In addition, language-specific statistical information is provided with regard to letters, word structure and structural changes. The enclosed CD-ROM contains a more comprehensive version of the dictionary as an e-book. This includes data on the relative frequency of up to 1,000,000 word forms presented in alphabetical order. The number of word forms for a particular language depends on the size and composition of the corpus used. This list of words (with frequency classes) is also available as a plain text file on the CD-ROM and is ordered both alphabetically and by frequency. Using this file, word lists for various applications can be generated easily. The word forms in the printed part of the dictionary have been checked carefully by hand to identify incorrect forms or words that are spelled according to the new spelling rules. In contrast, the more comprehensive list on the CD-ROM has been inspected by means of automatic plausibility criteria alone. For the compilation, comprehensive electronically available sources of the Leipzig Corpora Collection were used consistently. The corpora on which the individual frequency dictionaries are based include newspaper texts, Wikipedia articles and other randomly collected texts available on the Internet. They can be accessed online at http://corpora.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/. This series of dictionaries provides the opportunity to explore comparative linguistic topics and such monolingual issues as studies on word formation and frequency-based examinations of lexical areas for use in dictionaries or language teaching. The statistical results presented here can offer initial suggestions for several areas of research.
Citation Eckart, T., Elmiger, D., Kamber, A., & Quasthoff, U. (2013). Frequency Dictionary French / Dictionnaire de fréquence du français. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.
Type Livre (Anglais)
Année 2013
Titre de la collection =Uwe Quasthoff, Sabine Fiedler, Erla Hallsteinsdóttir (eds.): Frequency Dictionaries, vol. 4
Editeur commercial Leipziger Universitätsverlag (Leipzig)