Direct simulation of non-additive properties on unstructured grids

Pauline Mourlanette, Pierre Biver, Philippe Renard, Benoît Noetinger, Guillaume Caumon & Yassine Alexandre Perrier

Résumé Uncertainties related to permeability heterogeneity can be estimated using geostatistical simulation methods. Usually, these methods are applied on regular grids with cells of constant size, whereas unstructured grids are more flexible to honor geological structures and offer local refinements for fluid-flow simulations. However, cells of different sizes require to account for the support dependency of permeability statistics (support effect). This paper presents a novel workflow based on the power averaging technique. The averaging exponent 𝜔 is estimated using a response surface calibrated from numerical upscaling experiments. Using spectral turning bands, permeability is simulated on points in each unstructured cell, and later averaged with a local value of 𝜔 that depends on the cell size and shape. The method is illustrated on a synthetic case. The simulation of a tracer experiment is used to compare this novel geostatistical simulation method with a conventional approach based on a fine scale Cartesian grid. The results show the consistency of both the simulated permeability fields and the tracer breakthrough curves. The computational cost is much lower than the conventional approach based on a pressure-solver upscaling.
Mots-clés Upscaling; Permeability; Geostatistics;Power-averaging
Citation Mourlanette, P., Biver, P., Renard, P., Noetinger, B., Caumon, G., & Perrier, Y. A. (2020). Direct simulation of non-additive properties on unstructured grids. Advances in Water Resources, 143, 665-679.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 6-2020
Nom du périodique Advances in Water Resources
Volume 143
Pages 665-679
URL https://doi.org/10.1016/j.advwatres.2020.103665