A standardized morpho-functional classification of the Planet’s humipedons

Augusto Zanella, J.-F Ponge, B Jabiol, B Van Delft, R De Waal, Klaus Katzensteiner, Eckart Kolb, Nicolas Bernier, G. Mei, M. Blouin, Jérôme Juilleret , N. Pousse, S. Stanchi, F. Cesario, Renée-Claire Le Bayon, Dylan Tatti, Silvia Chersich & Et Al.

Résumé It was time to take stock. We modified the humipedon classification key published in 2018 to make it easier and more practical. This morpho-functional taxonomy of the topsoil (humipedon) was only available in English; we also translated it into French and Italian. A standardized morphofunctional classification of humipedons (roughly the top 30–40 cm of soil: organic and organomineral surface horizons) would allow for a better understanding of the functioning of the soil ecosystem.
This paper provides the founding principles of the classification of humipedon into humus systems and forms. With the recognition of a few diagnostic horizons, all humus systems can be determined.
The humus forms that make up these humus systems are revealed by measuring the thicknesses of the diagnostic horizons. In the final part of the article, several figures represent the screenshots of a mobile phone or tablet application that allows for a fast recall of the diagnostic elements of the classification in the field. The article attempts to promote a standardized classification of humipedons for a global and shared management of soil at planet level.
Mots-clés humipedon; humus system; humus form; humusica; carbon cycle; soil classification; global change; soil biodiversity
Citation Zanella, A., Ponge, J. F., Jabiol, B., Van Delft, B., De Waal, R., Katzensteiner, K., Kolb, E., Bernier, N., Mei, G., Blouin, M., Juilleret , J., Pousse, N., Stanchi, S., Cesario, F., Le Bayon, R. C., Tatti, D., Chersich, S., & et al., . (2022). A standardized morpho-functional classification of the Planet’s humipedons. Soil Systems, 6(59), 1-17.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 5-7-2022
Nom du périodique Soil Systems
Volume 6
Numéro 59
Pages 1-17
URL https://doi.org/10.3390/soilsystems6030059