Digital Tools for Semantic Annotation: the WoPoss Use Case
Résumé This paper examines the use of annotation platforms to perform
semantic annotation of textual contents. It focuses on a specific
tool called INCEpTION. This review stems from a project that
studies modality in Latin from a diachronic perspective; thus, the
analysis emanates from the development of an annotation pipeline
for this particular use case. I briefly overview the role of semantic
annotation in the project so as to delve into the specific
requirements of the annotation process and how a customized tool
assists in this procedure. After justifying the selection of INCEpTION
over other annotation environments, a description of the
functionalities of the tool is presented. The paper continues with a
discussion of the tool’s customization that was undertaken in order
to meet the requirements of the project. This part draws attention
to how the annotation challenges were tackled. To conclude, a
general reflection on the use of annotation platforms is presented.
Citation Bermúdez Sabel, H. (2019). Digital Tools for Semantic Annotation: the WoPoss Use Case. Bulletin de l’Institut de linguistique, 30, 12-37.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 2019
Nom du périodique Bulletin de l’Institut de linguistique
Volume 30
Pages 12-37
URL https://www.unil.ch/files/live/sites/sli/files/shared/BIL...
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