Résistance et existence [Resistence and Existence]
Abstract I defend the view that the experience of resistance gives us a direct phenomenal access to the mind-independence of perceptual objects. In the first part, I address a humean objection against the very possibility of experiencing existential mind-independence. The possibility of an experience of mind-independence being secured, I argue in the second part that the experience of resistance is the only kind of experience by which we directly access existential mind-independence.
Keywords realism ; existential ; dépendance ; effort ; resistance ; self-world ; dualism ; will ; intentionality ; perception ; subject ; object ; objectivity
Citation Massin, O. (2011). Résistance et existence [Resistence and Existence]. Etudes de Philosophie, 9, 275-310.
Type Journal article (English)
Date of appearance 2011
Journal Etudes de Philosophie
Volume 9
Pages 275-310
URL https://philpapers.org/rec/MASREE