Résumé This section offers a comprehensive introduction to the resources available to students and scholars wishing to conduct research into Shakespeare and textual studies. It begins with an overview of major libraries and research centres with noteworthy Shakespeare collections, highlighting particularly rare items, courses offered, and fellowships provided by these
institutions. An annotated list of courses offered at schools of book history, textual studies, and bibliography is also included, along with current course fees, and scholarships to cover fees, as are details of online ‘teach yourself’ courses in topics ranging from paleography to paper making. This is followed by an account of the eligibility requirements, upper funding
limits, and stated aims of major grants and funding bodies that support work on Shakespeare and textual studies in Europe and the English-speaking world. The section ends with an account of different professional and academic associations promoting work on Shakespeare and textual studies, current membership costs and requirements, and the timing and format of the events they sponsor. In sum, this section aims to equip interested parties with knowledge of where, when, and how they can become more involved in the dynamic field of Shakespeare and textual
Mots-clés Shakespeare, Resources, Libraries, Funding, Textual Studies, Palaeography, Print, Book History, Bibliography, Fellowships
Citation Depledge, E. (2021). Resources. In The Arden Companion to Shakespeare and Textual Studies. (pp. 354-366). London: Arden, Bloomsbury.
Type Chapitre de livre (Anglais)
Année 2021
Titre du livre The Arden Companion to Shakespeare and Textual Studies
Editeur commercial Arden, Bloomsbury (London)
Pages 354-366
Titre de la collection The Arden Shakespeare Handbooks
URL https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-arden-research-handbook...