Apuntes para la historia de una fraseología del español americano
Résumé This paper presents the characteristics that would define the historical
Hispano-American phraseology as opposed to the European Spanish
one. Phraseology is one of the areas in which the greatest variation is
perceived among the different Hispanic countries. In this paper I will
try to point out the main historical foundations that would explain this
variation and the characteristics assumed by what we call the indian or
colonial phraseology. This would be the origin of what today we can consider
a phraseological Americanism, which presents some characteristics that
allow establishing its historical study differentiated from the European
Spanish and justifies the necessary diastematic vision of the general
historical phraseology of the Spanish language.
Mots-clés history of American Spanish, historical Hispano-American
phraseology, phraseological Americanism, Indian or colonial phraseology.
Citation Sánchez Méndez, J. P. (2020). Apuntes para la historia de una fraseología del español americano. Philologia, 65, 367-382.
Type Article de périodique (Espagnol)
Date de publication 1-10-2020
Nom du périodique Philologia
Volume 65
Pages 367-382
URL http://www.studia.ubbcluj.ro/download/pdf/1319.pdf