Lope de Vega contra los malos vecinos»
Résumé This article examines a formula that appears insistently in Lope’s de senectute works: the satire against bad neighbors. We will first describe the formula and describe how it appears for the first time in an urban comedy (Quien ama no haga fieros), only to reappear around the same years in La Circe (in the short-story «Guzmán el Bravo» and in a satirical sonnet), adopting a more serious tone and a new wording. Finally, we will analyze how the formula became more bitter in Lope’s last years, adopting a tinge of black humor in the last book that Lope published in life, the Rimas de Tomé de Burguillos.
Mots-clés Lope de Vega; bad neighbours; formulae
Citation Sánchez Jiménez, A. (2018). Lope de Vega contra los malos vecinos». Hipogrifo, 6, 689-698.
Type Article de périodique (Espagnol)
Date de publication 1-12-2018
Nom du périodique Hipogrifo
Volume 6
Pages 689-698