Personal trajectories, collective memories: remembering and the life-course
Résumé How do we understand the broad history to which we belong? What meaning do we give to it and what role does it have in our lives? This paper proposes to approach collective memory from the perspective of the subject, adopting a developmental perspective to explore how people build specific relations and representations of the historical past. Building on the literature on collective remembering and on life-course studies, it conceptualises memory an as oriented, culturally mediated and dialogical action with a developmental history, embodied in ‘trajectories of remembering’. This conception is applied to the life trajectory of Alain, a 44-year-old Belgian journalist, with a particular interest in the social and intersubjective dimensions of collective remembering. From this analysis, it will be concluded that people’s relation to history is the product of the different positions they assume through time. The study of these successive experiences and their integration can thus shed new lights on how we relate to history and give it meaning.
Mots-clés Collective memory, life-course, life positioning analysis, remembering, social act theory
Citation de Saint-Laurent, C. (2017). Personal trajectories, collective memories: remembering and the life-course. Culture & Psychology, 23(2), 263-279.
Type Article de périodique (Anglais)
Date de publication 1-6-2017
Nom du périodique Culture & Psychology
Volume 23
Numéro 2
Pages 263-279
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