‘New’ migration and new forms of integration: Families in geographical itinerancy
Responsable du projet Tania Zittoun
Collaborateur Flavia Cangia
Déborah Levitan
Résumé This project is part of the NCCR "On the move: The mobility-migration nexus" directed by prof. Gianni d'Amato.

It proposes to examine the daily strategies of families of international managers or diplomats who come to Switzerland for a limited time. How, on a daily basis, do they interact with their Swiss environment? Do they master the local languages, develop networks with long-term Swiss residents, or do they participate to local communities? Examining short term, highly qualified immigrants – an extreme case “new immigration” – this project has thus various goals: 1) on a theoretical level, to question the traditional criteria of psychosocial “integration”; 2) on an empirical level, to describe the specific modalities of adjustment of short term immigrants; 3) on a policy level, to make recommendations for a smoother adjustment of these families.
Mots-clés migration, resources, repeated international mobility, family, sociocultural psychology, accompanying spouses, dialogism
Page internet http://www.migration-population.ch/sfm/lang/fr_CH/nccr_on...
Type de projet Recherche fondamentale
Domaine de recherche Mobility & migration; "On the move"; sociocultural psychology
Source de financement FNS (NCCR)
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 1-6-2014
Fin du projet 1-6-2018
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