Project responsable Etienne Piguet
Team member Jérémie Guélat
Raoul Kaenzig
Project partner Martine Rebetez
Abstract At the Institut de Géographie (IGG), more and more studies are being carried out, and its partners are committed to enhancing their understanding of this phenomenon, not only through field studies (Bolivia, Niger, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey), but also through a theoretical and epistemological perspective. The IGG is also involved in the writing of the IPCC’s fifth report on the social consequences of climate change
Keywords climate change, migration, refugee, environment
Project homepage http://www2.unine.ch/geographie/Migration_and_Climate_Change
Type of project Applied research project
Research area Géographie des migrations
Status Completed
Start of project 1-1-2009
End of project 1-1-2017
Additional info Team : Etienne Piguet, Jérémie Guélat, Raoul Kaenzig and other colleagues.
Contact Raoul Kaenzig