MoChiS: Mobile children in schools
Project responsable Tania Zittoun
Laure Kloetzer
Team member Teuta Mehmeti
Sara Aiden Clarke Habibi
Abstract Our recent study on families in repeated mobility —i.e. families who move internationally more than once because of the professional expertise of one or both adults—shows that an increasing proportion of such families living in Switzerland are choosing to send their children to local and public schools rather than to private and international ones. These facts may have important repercussions for schools, classroom life, teachers, and more generally, teaching and learning practices. The present project, an extention of NCCR Phase I, aims at exploring the challenges raised by this new situation for schools and families.
Keywords Mobility; school; children; family
Type of project Fundamental research project
Research area Psychologie socioculturelle
Method of financing FNS - NCCR On the move
Status Completed
Start of project 1-11-2018
End of project 1-9-2019
Contact Tania Zittoun