Social Networks and Knowledge Construction Promotion in e-Learning Contexts
Responsable du projet Maria Cristina Matteucci (University Of Bologna)
Partenaire Jean Francois Perret
Elvis Mazzoni
Résumé The aim of the project coordinate by the University di Bologna (Prof. M.C. Matteuci) was to identify and promote "good practices" in the design and delivery of e-learning courses. Accordingly to the principles of action-research, the project has been implemented in four subsequent phases, starting from October 2006, up to the end of October 2008:
1) an exploratory study on a sample of noteworthy e-learning experiences (on the European scale);
2) design and delivery of e-learning courses - in academic domains - based on emerging "good practices"
3) process and outcome evaluation of e-learning experimental courses;
4) identification of "guidelines" intended to foster good practices useful to promote knowledge construction through social interaction.
The partenaire for UniNE was J-F Perret and E. Mazzoni.
Mots-clés e-learning
social network
Knowledge Construction
Higher Education
Type de projet Mandat de recherche
Domaine de recherche e-learning
Source de financement UE - Socrates-Minerva Project
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 10-2006
Fin du projet 10-2008
Contact Jean-Francois Perret