LAMA: LAser diode Modules for high performance cesium Atomic clocks
Responsable du projet Gaetano Mileti
Collaborateur Renaud Matthey De L'Endroit
Florian Gruet

Christoph Affolderbach
Résumé Time frequency applications require reliable, high precision, high stability, compact and cost effective clocks. Cesium atomic clocks are currently considered as the most suitable devices complying with such requirements. The development of highly reliable and cost effective laser diode modules is one of the most challenging part of atomic clocks and is key to achieve a complete European supply chain in the field.

The objective of the project is to develop such laser diodes modules and validate their use in an atomic clock; it will rely on the following activities:
- Development of laser diode modules at 852nm and 894nm with linewidth below 1MHz.
- Chip and packaging design taking into account the whole light pass chain within the atomic clock with a special emphasis on the reflections on optical interfaces.
- Extensive laser diode characterisation, with special attention to optical power, noise, spectral parameters like linewidth, frequency noise, and sensitivity to optical feedback to optimize the laser diode, modules and atomic clock designs.
- Reliability study on laser diodes.
- Environmental tests on laser modules.
- Validation of an atomic clock operating with pump sources at 894nm with a simplified architecture.

This project is conducted in collaboration with III-V Lab (France), Thales Electronics Devices (France), and Oscilloquartz SA (Switzerland)
Mots-clés Cs beam atomic clock, industrial frequency standards, laser diodes
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Type de projet Recherche appliquée
Domaine de recherche physique appliquée, métrologie temps-fréquence
Source de financement Euripides & Confédération Suisse, commission pour la technologie et l'innovation (CTI)
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 1-1-2014
Fin du projet 1-6-2017
Budget alloué CHF 430'849.00
Autre information U.02371
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