From Kodak Culture to Digital Gaze: What do photos allow people to do?
Responsable du projet Hua FAN
Directeur de la thèse Anne Nelly Perret Clermont
Résumé From the popularization of the Kodak roll-film cameras to the ubiquitous digital devices, it is claimed that photographs had fundamentally changed the codes of representation. People interact between themselves and photos, when adapting to the fast changing environment and increasing life pace. Why some of them are crazy about making and viewing photos, while others do not care? What could photos particularly afford during the period of transition and the progress of development? In this project, I will study the Chinese community at home and abroad as a starting point. Method of half-structured interview and photo elicitation study are used at the same time. And the data will be analyzed in the following facets: practical actions, meaning making, and identity construction.
Mots-clés photographs, meaning making, representation, imagination, identity
Type de projet Recherche de thèse
Domaine de recherche psychologie et éducation
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 1-9-2012
Fin du projet 1-9-2017
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