Back to the city?
Responsable du projet Etienne Piguet
Ola Söderström

Patrick Rérat
Collaborateur Martine Rebetez
Valérie Sauter

Roger Besson
Résumé Are cities becoming more attractive once again? Background Sustainable development and the model of the compact city are increasingly influencing land planning policies. Inward development and urban regeneration are the objectives. Who are the new urban dwellers and what is the social impact of urban regeneration? Studies, mostly in Anglo-Saxon countries, have shown that the movement back to the cities is accompanied in many cases by a social upgrading process (gentrification). The social categories involved in this movement tend to be the middle to upper classes. Objectives The aim of the project is to answer the following questions: - Is a movement back to the cities observable in Switzerland? If so, is it related to a process of gentrification? - By what route do the new urban dwellers return to the cities, and what are their motivations? - What are the roles of local authorities and the private sector in these areas? Methods Data from the federal population census will be analysed. Questionnaires will be carried out among people who have recently moved. In addition, there will be interviews with local authorities, an analysis of official planning documents and interviews with real estate agents. Significance The results of this study will bring forth new inputs into the debate on land planning policies aimed at defining and implementing urban sustainable development. The target audience comprises the local authorities of Swiss cities and professionals working in the field of urban and land planning, as well as housing.
Mots-clés Urban geography; gentrification; intra-urban migrations
Type de projet Recherche fondamentale
Domaine de recherche Géographie urbaine
Source de financement FNS (PNR 54 Environnement construit)
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 2005
Fin du projet 2008
Budget alloué 290299
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