ATTRA-Watch: Automatic TARMED Transcription watch-dictaphone
Responsable du projet Pierre André Farine
Kilian Stoffel
Collaborateur Paul Cotofrei
Sara Grassi
Patrick Heck
Résumé In this project we have developed a voice data recording watch and the accompanying software and hardware needed to build an integrated solution for medical data capture and automatic codification. The stand-alone watch is used to capture, either by voice recording or by form-filling, the relevant information on the healthcare service being provided. The captured information is stored locally and then downloaded to a PC, via a USB connection. In the PC, speech is translated first into text and then into medical codification, with minimum user-intervention. The resulting information is stored into local or centralized patient databases, to be sent later to 3rd-party SW for billing, reporting and statistics. The user controls the stand-alone watch either via a touch-screen based interface or via a voice-driven interface for hands-free operation. In both interfaces, user feedback is given using the LCD display and the watch hands.

The IMI contribution was the development of the PC software application, designed around a GUI from which the following functional modules are called: Authentication for PC / Watch users, Data Transfer from/to the watch, Automatic Speech-to-Text and Text Processing, Tarmed Explorer (a WEB interface to explore and choose among a selection of most-likely medical codes), Management of captured and processed data in Patient Databases Maintenance and Configuration operations.
Mots-clés TARMED
Type de projet Recherche appliquée
Domaine de recherche computer science
Source de financement CTI
Etat Terminé
Début de projet 4-2-2004
Fin du projet 25-2-2008
Budget alloué 967400
Contact Paul Cotofrei